Guardian Alerts

Location Alerts

Location Alerts send a text and/or email message every time a user arrives at or leaves a defined location such as Home, School, Work, etc. 

  • Accurate & Reliable, know when your children arrive and leave any location you define
  • Location Alerts include a time stamp
  • Add locations with a wizard or manually
  • Add as many locations as you need
    • Home, School, Library, Grandparents, Friends
    • Nearby sex offender’s homes
    • Set an alert for when your child enters or leaves your neighborhood
    • Alert areas can overlap or be within other alert areas
  • Use GPS or WiFi or both to define a location
    • Adjust the GPS circle size to fit the location
    • If the location is in an area with poor GPS signals, use your WiFi’s SSID to alert you when your child enters or leaves the range of your WiFi signal
    • Using your WiFi's SSID to define your location reduces battery drain but may not cover the whole location if your WiFi signal doesn't cover the whole area. Turn on "Fallback on GPS" and adjust the GPS location circle size to encompass the whole location.
  • Turn each location alert of/on by time of day and day of the week
WiFi Based Location Alert