Guardian Alerts

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  • Know where your children are
  • Know when they arrive & leave
  • Know when their phone is on or off
  • Know when their battery is running low
  • Know when their battery dies
  • Know where their battery died
  • Know they can find their way home
Guardian Alerts® is an application for the Apple iPhone® that will primarily be used by parents to passively keep track of their children’s whereabouts. By utilizing GPS and/or Wi-Fi signals, Guardian Alerts® will alert parents, via text (SMS or MMS) and/or E-mail messages, when their children arrive at or leave specific locations such as home or school. While these alerts require the child to carry an iPhone® with Guardian Alerts®installed, the person or persons receiving the location alerts will not require an iPhone® to receive them. Any phone capable of receiving a simple text message can receive aGuardian Alerts® Alert. Each Guardian Alerts® location Alert can be set for specific days of the week as well as time of day that it is active.
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